What is Job Profile?

Job is to Surf the internet i.e. Social media and complete given tasks that will be given by us.

What is Payout?

The payout is not fixed. The Payout is totally based on work done by an individual. Details will be given after selection.

How will I get Paid?

PayPal and Bank Transfer are available now and we are constantly working towards other methods like Paytm, Phonepay, etc…
Payout will be done after verification of work done as instructed by us. It takes time and every action will be paid out after 30 days.
After minimum ₹ 1000, an individual associate will be transferred money. No request will be entertained for payout in advance.

How will I get recruited?

carefully Read Terms and Conditions and our Job opening details. Fill the application form and apply it to us.

We will contact you after the selection for other details.

Note: You will be our associate i.e., not an employee. We are not responsible for any associate i.e. legally not responsible for you and your given details or any action.